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I loved the creative process of Coastal country. Personally, I was going through quite a traumatic time with injury, illness and fear for the future. I was given a lovely bouquet of flowers to brighten my days. As the days stretched into weeks I watched as this beautiful, fresh, colourful bunch of flowers began to dull and dry, to wilt and finally to preserve. What was left was a mere husk of the original. It was different but beautiful in its way and it would now endure where its previous form was fleeting. The only thing that remained unchanged where the native gum leaves. Their colour seemed flat and muted when compared to peonies, but as I lay there staring at them, I realised that they were so unendingly complex.

As I was ferried from doctor’s appointment to doctor’s appointment, I began seeing those same colours all around me. In the trees and on the shore. The lack of rain has left the land in these complex muted colours. The land like me was enduring, needing water but surviving how it will until the rains come. I wanted to capture the beauty in resilience. To pay homage to the land who withstands these adversities and manages to be intricate and beautiful through its struggle. Surrounded by water but in constant thirst, Coastal country is water and land and the places where they meet, both beautiful, both struggling, both enduring.

Coastal Country

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