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As a fluid impressionist, Chloe Wigg creates intricate, evocative paintings from layers of poured acrylic paint. Her works celebrate the joy and beauty in everyday life, as seen through the lens of someone with an invisible disability.

Her art is the result of mindful exploration and play, to take the focus from her challenges. This light-hearted curiosity has given her a new perspective, encouraging her to grow and adapt. She works to her strengths, having developed a pouring technique that’s kind on her body. 

Each piece is created through a process of patient and meticulous planning. The mixing and layering of colours turn chaos and disorder into something beautiful and soothing. While this approach attempts to help her control the outcomes on the canvas, she’s learned the hard way that the fluidity of paint can be unpredictable – forcing her to surrender to the creative process and let each piece come to life organically. 

Chloe draws comparisons to the chaos of life within her art. Like life, her art is uncomplicated and striking from afar, but only on closer inspection do you begin to find joy and wonder in the details. Her fluid, lineal movements and sophisticated variance in tone draw viewers in, inviting them to investigate their own world in a visceral way.

Building on the emphatic momentum in past series, her new body of work takes a more representational view of Australian landscapes. Inspired by natural colours, Chloe captures the energy and essence of a time or place through a process of deconstruction and rebuilding from its basic tonal elements. The result is uplifting, nostalgic and personal. Each piece is unique, encouraging audiences to marvel at the wonder of each place, and recognise a deep-rooted, familiar connection with each landscape. 

Chloe’s work is expressive and playful, while encouraging introspection and curiosity. It inspires people to shift their perspective, and to see beauty in the bigger picture while also finding solace in the smaller details.

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